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Happy Halloween to all of my lovely readers!

I’d like to thank everyone who read my Halloween countdown! Especially to those who have continuously kept up with each post! Feedback is encouraged!

 Here’s how I celebrated Saturday night:


Michael is actually a volunteer fireman so I thought I’d give him at least one night for a costume he wouldn’t completely hate. I was his dalmatian puppy! Both of our costumes were mostly DIY. He bought tape and put it on the bottom of a pair of black pants he already had, and bought the helmet and suspenders. I made my tutu myself and hot glued felt for my spots! I also had made ears with a headband but didn’t like the way they came out so I didn’t wear them!

Tonight, Monday night, we are going to be husband and wife! So think of your stereotypical housewife and working (or lazy) husband.

Happy final night of Halloweekend!