This is my first post of this sort so many of you won’t know this about me, but I love DIY projects. I always into art in high school and I still love to draw, but its mostly just doodles in my notebooks now. Throughout college, I found my love of DIY projects. What I mean by projects is home decor, or in my case, dorm decor. So far I have made a picture frame calendar, painted mason jars, among others. Most recently, I finished a DIY canvas rug. So here I am, sharing the process.





  • Paint – I used Valspar samples, which is an interior house paint. It’s held up so far (a.k.a. one week) but fabric paint would most likely be better.
  • Canvas drop cloth – I used a 3×5, of course you can use whatever size you would prefer.
  • Brushes – Definitely use brushes. I bought a trim roller to try too but it bled right through. I guess if you don’t care about it bleeding through onto whatever floor you’re working on, then it definitely soaks through better. But of course if you use a roller you need one of those trays too. I just used one of those cheap ones.
  • Painter’s tape! To make your design of course.
  • T-square.

***I had to buy paint, the canvas, and some rollers. I spent about $15. Still way cheaper than buying an area rug. Everything I bought was from Lowe’s!***


  1. Gather your items.
  2. Wash your canvas, with bleach.
  3. Iron out the folds in the canvas.
  4. When you’re ready to officially get started, lay your canvas out on a flat surface. You’re better off if you put something underneath too.
  5. Tape out your design and a border if you’d like.
  6. Paint! If you’re wondering why mine looks so messy – I wish I took a photo of when I had the canvas taped up. The way that it was taped, there was no way I would get perfect edges in the diamonds. This honestly didn’t bother me much because I decided to give in an intentional fade in a way. It may not be some’s cup of tea but I love the way it came out!
  7. Give it a few hours to dry.
  8. Enjoy!