My interest in design stems from my love of technology and need to be creative. Using WordPress and Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator, I’ve created pieces for work, graduate courses, and fun. My interest falls heavily in magazine and web design but I love creating branded and event materials as well. 





This assignment was to find a story online and create a magazine cover, opening spread, and jump spread with a sidebar. I did not write the story and these free use images can be found on I used PhotoShop and InDesign to create these pieces.



pure coffee.jpg

This assignment was to PhotoShop images and create an event poster with the images. The event information is real and the logo is the actual festival’s logo. The original images can be found at, however, I have PhotoShopped the water over some of the mugs. I used InDesign to finish the design.

shower invite.jpg

This was a quick baby shower invitation I made with Microsoft Publisher.