4 Days Until Halloween!

No party to dress up for but feel the need to show your love of Halloween? How about trying out one of these 13 ideas for holiday nail art? Do it yourself, ask a friend, or ask your manicurist!

1. Blood Drip blood

2. Bloody Prints bloody-prints

3. Candy Corncandy-corn

4. Trendy Ghostghost

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost – no one will ever know!glow-in-the-dark

6. Gothic Dipgothic-dip

7. Harley Quinn – to complete your Harley Quinn ensemble!harley-quinn

8. Mermaid – channel your inner sea creature this holiday!mermaid

9. Poison Applepoison-apple

10. Splattersplatter

11. Water Marblewater-marble

12. Spider Webweb

13. Black Catcat-face