5 Days Until Halloween!

So I covered costume ideas for babies, couples, and college girls but there’s another group that we love to dress up for Halloween too – even if they might not enjoy it as much! Our furry four-legged friends! Scroll down to see 13 adorable costume ideas for pets!

50 points if you can get them to stay in the costume all night!

  1. Air Bud – throwback! Air Bud was definitely one of my favorite childhood movie series! air-bud
  2. Rocket Dog – simple, easy, and funny!
  3. Chia Pet – this dog looks overly happy but I find the irony too much to handle!chia-pet
  4. Cowboy’s Getaway Ride – got a Barbie or Ken doll laying around?cowboy
  5. Dino – couldn’t be any easier!dino
  6. Football – too precious for words!football
  7. Calling all K9 units – I cannot. The cuteness in this photo is too much for me to take!k9-unit
  8. Winnie the Pooh – sleepy little Pooh bear.pooh
  9. Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny – another pair! This poor fella looks miserable but oh so cute!red-riding-hood
  10. Scooby Doo – too perfect! scooby
  11. Fancy Pants – definitely can be done for dogs too!tux
  12. TY Stuffed Animal – this one is definitely my favorite just because the puppy looks like a teddy bear!ty
  13. Unicorn – so magical!unicorn