13 Days Until Halloween!

Dressing up is easily the best part of Halloween, & with only 13 days left it’s time to start preparing!

  1. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girls. Better yet, convince your blonde BFF to be the Serena van der Woodsen to your Blair Waldorf! Both characters have quirky details to make separate from each other, like Blair’s headbands and Serena’s loose necktie. blair
  2. Misty from Pokemon! As Pokemon Go! made its debut this summer, I’m sure we will see quite a few Misty’s this holiday! Her getup requires almost no purchase as you can likely find these pieces in a friend’s closet or your own!misty
  3. Ariadna Gutiérrez, Miss Colombia who was miss-crowned as 2015’s Miss Universe in December. Again, make it a friend costume by having a BFF dress as the actual Miss Universe, Pia Alnozo Wurtzbach of the Philippines. Something like this:miss-universe
  4. Kim Possible from no other than Kim Possible. All you need is cargo pants, black tank, and black boots! Of course the redder the hair, the better but don’t sweat if can’t achieve the red hair by a wig or temporary color.kim-possible
  5. 80’s Workout Guru  – neon, neon, and more neon. Oh, and tights with leg warmers! And viola, so easy and cute!80s-workout
  6. A doll  doll-makeupI like this costume because the makeup. You can really make yourself look like a doll just by using makeup. Clothes-wise, you can pretty much do anything but add a DIY wind-up key to your back for an even more unique look!
  7. Cher Harowitz from Clueless is such a classic go to and so simple too! clueless
  8. The Purge  – this is more fun if you can convince a friend or two, otherwise you might just look a little odd! But it is as easy as a mask and some sort of pretend weapon. purge
  9. Starbucks Barista, because how much more basic could you get? Make it funny by carrying around cups and misspell your friends’s names on them.starbucks
  10. The Final Five – Of course this another BFF group costume! You could go the DIY route with a cheap red or blue leotard and paint some silver stars and make your own gold metal. Or you could buy a similar leotard and a cheap gold metal!final-five
  11. DJ Tanner – 2016 brought us the glory that is Fuller House and while you could do present day DJ, we all know a 90’s costume is much more fun! You might have this costume in your closet with how our fashion trends are going! (and of course, it might be fun to be Kimmy or Stephanie too)


12. Princess, Carrie from Carrie, bride, prom queen, Miss America, Dressed to Kill – what do these costumes all have in common? You can recycle your old prom dress that’s just hanging in the back of your closet! Some cases may require to get it a little dirty, but the others just require some extra props which can all be made DIY. For dressed to kill, just carry a toy gun or squirt gun.

13. Pinup Girl – think polka dots, red, black, and white! Bold red lips, bumper bangs, leather leggings. So easy, but makeup is crucial for this costume!