7 Days Until Halloween!

One week left to scramble for a costume! Want to pair with your significant other? Here’s 13 DIY couple costumes to consider!

Please disregard the sex of the couples in these photos. I encourage you to put your own twist to the story if you identify as LGBTQA+!

  1. Batman & Robin – these two costumes could be made DIY easily! For Batman, wear all black, or a Batman t-shirt, and make a cape and mask with felt and an old t-shirt! Since I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Robin t-shirt, you’ll most likely have to make his logo out of felt but just glue it onto a red t-shirt!
  2. Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf – Chuck and Blair’s relationship is so dysfunctional but perfect. They are #relationshipgoals. Halloween is the perfect time to fulfill fantasizes about living Blair Waldorf’s life, but don’t forget her kryptonite Chuck Bass!
  3. Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele – we fell in love with them in Fifty Shades of Grey and with the Fifty Shades Darker film releasing this coming February, this is the perfect couple to mimic this fall!anatasia-christian
  4. Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson – Grease is always a classic. So no matter how many times this is repeated, I will always love this costume idea! So simple too, all black and a little leather!danny-sandy
  5. Jack & Coke – So easy and so clever!jack-coke
  6. Woody & Jessie – throwback from the late 90’s, they captured our hearts in Toy Story 2! This costume can easily be recreated with pieces in your own closets, a thrift store, or a dollar store. 10 points if you add the pull tab in the back!
  7. Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly from The Office – this is too cute for words, but you do have to know at least a little bit about the show before you can try out this costume! jim-pam
  8. Johnny Cash & June Carter – this classic is one of my all time favorites! Hard to do though if both of you have light-colored hair, but again so easy to dress as this couple! Guitar is definitely a plus, even if it’s made out of cardboard.johnny-june
  9. Paulie Bleeker & Juno MacGuff from Juno – this is for couples who are pregnant of course. So adorable & easy to do with items from your own closets or thrifty shoppers!juno
  10. NHL Player & Stanley Cup – are you both die-hard hockey fans? Then this is definitely the costume for you! Especially since one of you must have a jersey and the other just has to dress in something silver and wear a silver bowl on their head. Like how much easier could it get?! You’ll definitely be number one all night with this one!nhl-stanley-cup
  11. Squints & Wendy Peffercorn from Sandlot – another classic that can be accomplished by things hanging in amongst your own clothing!sandlot
  12. Sheldon Cooper & Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory – 10 points if you actually are some sort of scientist! Might want to raid your grandmother’s closet for Amy’s get-up!sheldon-amy
  13. The Sailor & Nurse from the iconic photo of a sailor kissing a nurse celebrating Japan’s surrender in World War II – always a classic and so adorable! But you will definitely be posing like this quite a bit throughout the night!the-kiss